Whether it's gourmet cooksinternational beauty gurus, or K-Pop superstars—if you’re in Australia, Belgium, Japan, Korea, Portugal or Switzerland, you’ll now be able to use Chromecast to bring your favorite content from a phone, tablet, or laptop to the TV.

These countries are home to some of the biggest fans of online content in the world, and the smartphone is one of the most popular ways for them to access it. For example, in Korea, more than 60 percent of YouTube views come from mobile devices. And in Australia, 90 percent of people switch between four devices every day. All these mobile content lovers will now be able to bridge the gap between their smartphone and the TV.

Curious about what people around the world might be casting? We’ve polled our local team members, and here’s some of their favorite local content.

  • Australia: Aussies will be casting the latest antics from Rake available on Google Play. 
  • Belgium: In Belgium, comedy fans will be able to cast YouTube star Za Ka’s latest sketches.
  • Japan: Japanese will be able to cast Golden Bomber’s rock pop hit. They’ll also be able to catch up on the latest movies and dramas using the d-Video app by NTT docomo.
  • Korea: Koreans will be casting Cocomong, a super popular animation among kids. They’ll also be able to watch TV shows and movies from Tving and Hoppin.
  • Portugal: Portuguese will be making homemade ice creams and chocolates after casting Sabor Intenso’s YouTube recipe tutorials
  • Switzerland: Swiss music fans will be using the best speakers in the house to listen to local star Bastian Baker.

Chromecast is open to developers worldwide, so you’ll find a range of great TV shows, movies, music and more from local app developers. So if you’re in one of these six countries, look for Chromecast online
and in local stores starting today.

Suveer Kothari, Director of Chromecast business development, and frequent flyer