Just in time for iOS7, comes a new Chrome for iOS. Starting today you can download the latest update to Chrome for iOS for both your iPhone and iPad. You’ll notice a new design for iOS7, including improvements to the fullscreen experience on your iPad.

Better Together: Chrome integrates with your favorite Google Apps

It’s now easier to switch between Chrome and your favorite Google Apps on your mobile device. Sign in to Chrome on your iPhone or iPad, and the next time you open another Google app, you can login with one simple click. Easily add or remove accounts in Settings.
Links from Chrome can now directly open in the YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Drive and Google+ apps. For example, if you’re searching for a nearby Thai restaurant, Chrome will open the address in the Google Maps app. Just visit “Google Apps” under Settings to select which apps you’d like to open from Chrome.
Fluid Searching: Intelligent pronoun understanding & snap back to search results 

With today’s update, voice search on Chrome for mobile gets better. You can now string together multiple voice searches with pronouns to get to results faster. For example, a voice search for “Who is the president of the United States?” followed by “Where did he go to school?”, lists all the schools President Barack Obama attended (all the way back to elementary school!).

Try it out by asking:
  • “Who is the prime minister of Canada?” and then, “How old is he?”
  • “How many people live in Pennsylvania?” and then, “When did it become a state?”
  • “Who directed Star Trek Into Darkness?” and then, “Who is his wife?”

Finally, it’s even quicker to return to your search results. Search result link you clicked not what you were looking for? We’ve sped things up so that as soon as you hit the back button, all your results reappear instantly.

Try out the latest version of Chrome for iPhone and iPad today.

Posted by Miranda R. Callahan, Software Engineer and Dedicated Speeder-Upper


Chromebooks were designed to make computers faster, simpler, safer and much more affordable for everyone. Over the past year, with the launch of Chromebooks by a number of our partners for as low as $199, they have become the go-to laptop for many people. We’re pleased to see consumers, schools and businesses react positively to Chromebooks. Research firm NPD says Chromebooks represent 20-25% of the $300-or-less computer segment. In education, more than 5,000 schools have deployed Chromebooks for their students, representing more than 20% of school districts in the US.

Together with our hardware partners, we’ve been working on expanding the Chromebook family. Intel, who has been with us on this journey from day one, unveiled a new lineup of Chromebooks today based on the Haswell microarchitecture at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco. Intel’s latest processors sip less power to improve battery life by more than 2X over previous generations, while offering increased performance. This means these new Chromebooks last almost all day so you can focus on getting things done.

Over the coming months, you’ll see Chromebooks from multiple device manufacturers. These include newly designed Chromebooks from Acer and HP, as well as new entrants ASUS and Toshiba.

Across the new lineup, the devices offer superb battery life and a variety of new designs—from a light and portable Acer Chromebook, to the large display on the HP Chromebook14, which comes in various colors; from the versatility and portability of the Toshiba Chromebook, to the ASUS Chromebox, suitable anywhere you need a computer. With today’s announcement, now six of the top laptop manufacturers are offering Chromebooks.

It’s been amazing to see the broadening of the Chromebook spectrum and we look forward to continued advances in both the hardware and software. Now more than ever, a new Chromebook truly offers something for everyone.

Posted by Caesar Sengupta, Product Management Director, Chromebooks


Since Chrome launched in 2008, we’ve been experimenting with new ways to tell stories on the web using 3D graphics, immersive sound effects and more. In the last few years, the mobile web has also exploded, so we wanted to explore what kind of new interactions were possible using the latest technologies available on Chrome for Mobile.

Just A Reflektor” is an interactive film directed by Vincent Morisset and featuring a new song from Arcade Fire. The film lets you cast a virtual projection on your computer screen by holding up your mobile device in front of your computer’s webcam. That way, you control all of the visual effects in the experience—not by moving a mouse on a screen, but by moving your phone or tablet through the physical space around you. 

The film’s heroine, Axelle, is revealed through a spotlight that moves in time with your mobile device.

In a later scene, a liquid effect is combined with a time delay, creating a video collage. 

About four minutes into the film, the “reflektor” is turned toward Axelle herself.

To explore the effects used in the film, see the technology page, where you can adjust a number of visual settings and create your own effects using a robust editor. You can also watch a behind-the-scenes video to learn about how the film was made. The code for the film and tech page is open source, so creative coders can download it and try it for themselves.

The technology page lets you create, edit and share your own visual effects using footage from the film.

We hope this project inspires more filmmakers and visual artists to experiment with the latest features in Chrome. And for everyone else, we hope “Just A Reflektor” offers a new, exciting way to interact with the web.

Posted by Aaron Koblin, Google Creative Lab

Editor's note: Today marks the 5th birthday of Chrome, a project we started to push the web platform forward. From a humble beginning of static text, images and links, the web has grown into a rich platform teeming with interactive content and powerful applications. We’ve been astounded by how far the web has come and are very excited to see what developers around the world will be able to do with the new generation of Chrome Apps. 

Today we’re unveiling a new kind of Chrome App, which brings together the speed, security and flexibility of the modern web with the powerful functionality previously only available with software installed on your devices. (Think apps designed for your desktop or laptop, just like the ones for your phone and tablet.) These apps are more powerful than before, and can help you get work done, play games in full-screen and create cool content all from the web. If you’re using Windows or a Chromebook, you can check them out in the “For your desktop” collection in the Chrome Web Store (Mac & Linux coming soon). 

Here’s what you can expect with new Chrome Apps:

  • Work offline: Keep working or playing, even when you don’t have an internet connection.
  • More app, less Chrome: No tabs, buttons or text boxes mean you can get into the app without being distracted by the rest of the web.
  • Connect to the cloud: Access and save the documents, photos and videos on your hard drive as well as on Google Drive and other web services.
  • Stay up-to-speed: With desktop notifications, you can get reminders, updates and even take action, right from the notification center.
  • Play nice with your connected devices: Interact with your USB, Bluetooth and other devices connected to your desktop, including digital cameras.
  • Keep updated automatically: Apps update silently, so you always get all the latest features and security fixes (unless permissions change).
  • Pick up where you left off: Chrome syncs your apps to any desktop device you sign in to, so you can keep working.
  • Sleep easier: Chrome apps take advantage of Chrome’s built-in security features such as Sandboxing. They also auto-update to make sure you have all the latest security fixes. No extra software (or worrying) required.
  • Launch apps directly from your desktop: To make it quicker and easier to get to your favorite apps, we’re also introducing the Chrome App Launcher for Windows, which will appear when you install your first new Chrome App. It lives in your taskbar and launches your apps into their own windows, outside of Chrome, just like your desktop apps. Have lots of apps? Navigate to your favorite apps using the search box.

The new Chrome app launcher

Of course, even with all this great stuff happening behind-the-scenes, the apps are what really matter. We know many of you doing enjoy things like photo editing, checking off your to-do’s or unwinding with games, so here are a few Chrome apps to get you started: 

Explore and create

Pixlr Touch Up lets you quickly touch up, crop, resize and adjust photos from your computer or Google Drive. If you’re feeling dramatic, you can also choose from a variety of film-inspired effects to apply. And it works offline, so you can get a head start polishing up your vacation photos on your flight home.
Other creativity apps worth checking out: 

Get stuff done 

Wunderlist is a beautiful and simple to-do list, which features voice dictation and desktop notifications, which remind you of timely tasks and team updates. And for those on the move, you can take your tasks with you from computer to computer, and manage them even if you’re offline.

Other productivity apps worth checking out:

Be entertained

Cracking Sands is an action-packed racing game that lets you speed your way past your online or computer opponents through beautiful 3D courses. And for those looking for more precise control, you can even connect your Xbox controller via USB.

Other games worth checking out: 

We hope you enjoy what you see in the Chrome Web Store. And please share your favorite new Chrome Apps in the comments below.

Posted by Erik Kay, Engineering Director and Chrome App-ologist