I like JavaScript. It's flexible, lightweight, and it's open source. Anybody can crawl into it, look around, and shape the code into something of their own. When Google Chrome first launched with V8, its superfast JavaScript engine, it got me thinking about ways to visualize speed within the browser. So I contacted a bunch of JavaScripters from around the world and invited them to do something creative and unusual. REAS, Mr. Doob, Ryan Alexander, Josh Nimoy, and Toxi, among others, answered the call.

These artists did a lot of tweaking and tinkering to push the boundaries of JavaScript design, and to illustrate what's possible with this new generation of JavaScript engines. Today, we're launching Chrome Experiments -- a set of games and visualizations that let you see the kinds of things that JavaScript is making possible. You can view, share, and rate what they've built. Check out this video to preview some of them:

These nineteen examples are just the beginning. We're going to keep adding to them, and we'd also like to see what you can do, too. If you've made something fun and interesting with JavaScript you can submit it at ChromeExperiments.com.